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Here are Loop we offer a number of different photographic design for our clients. In today’s modern business world, the importance of photography in your marketing communications is more important than ever and we understand how important having unique imagery that is owned by your brand and no one else is key to creating some stand-out in the marketplace.

With the rise of social networks and the increase in sharing of digital photography, it’s raised the bar in the standard of photography that is now expected to be see and presented by brands.

Visitors to your website are time poor and with such a short time to be impressed your website copy, design and photography needs to absolutely on point. It needs grab attention,  be original and help to convey the story of your brand.

There are now a million stock photography websites like shutterstock and Pexels which can be useful in marketing communications, but due to how generic they are –  they will say very little about your brand and there’s a tendency to just look like every other website that’s used the same photography.

This is where Loop comes in.

As a London based photography agency and depending upon the brief, we will travel out to our clients locations to help capture unique content. You might need some new contemporary business portraits, capturing of a workshop, the office team in action or just cool photography of your business premises.

The Photography services that Loop offer roughly fall into the following areas. If you’d like to know more about any of these services please get in touch and we’d love to talk to you about how we can help.

Core photography services:

1. Portraits (Team, Business & Lifestyle)

The style of the portraits can vary massively depending upon what message we’re trying to convey. Ahead of a portrait photography session Loop will do lots of pre-shoot preparation to agree the overall style and number of shots we will be expected to capture. From classic business poses, with subtle studio lighting to a more relaxed modern style shot outdoors in natural light Loop will offer lots of different styles to choose from to ensure we capture exactly what you need.

2. Location based Photography (Business locations and workplaces)

Helping clients understand your business through great imagery is so important. Giving a sense of your workspace, it’s location, city or area is key to establishing trust. Having a set of bespoke, original photography that sits within the overall design & art direction of your current brand style is something that Loop specialise in and have done time and time again for companies both large and small. 

3. Product Photography

Taking a product to market can be difficult. Your product photography needs to be completely on point if you’re to attract potential customers. Here at Loop we have designed and photographed numerous products to get them into market. Products could be shot in the Loop photographic studio or if required we can bring a mobile studio to the location.

4. Event Photography

Depending upon the event type – it may be a talk, a convention or a large scale public event – Loop have lots of experience in capturing and making the most out of moments that are relevant to your business. With any kind of event photography we do a huge amount of pre-prep to ensure we are prepared to capture all the photographs you will need. If you would like to know more about the Event Photography services that Loop offer please get in touch.