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Logo Design

Loop are a specialist logo design agency with over 15 years experience creating memorable brands and logo designs for UK and international businesses. We get asked a lot about how we design logos for clients and what’s involved so we thought it might help to try and answer some of the regular questions we are asked.

To put it simply, without a strong logo design and brand identity your possible clients and customers may be just passing you by. It’s so important to convey a strong company personality that people will remember, it needs to be distinctive and have character and of course be beautifully designed.

Why should my business have a logo design?

It’s about creating an impression, a last impression that will hopefully impress potential clients and attract new business. The importance of having a strong logo design has become even more important over the last 10 years and we work with a number of different companies who are looking to design and evolved their existing brand as well as those new companies who are just starting up.

What makes a good logo design?

Originality. A great logo design is something that is unique and original and reflects your company value. Here at Loop we try to create more than just a simple design, we try to create a brand that will help move your company forward and that your company will get behind and be proud to work for. All our logo designs are uniques depending upon the industry sector we are designing into. We have produced logo designs for sectors like event agencies, financial & investment companies, retail & product, sports & fitness, marketing & technology and thats just the top of the ice-berg. Whilst we have an established process for our logo design that just works, the researching, thinking and design is always unique to the brief. So what makes a good logo design? One that makes our clients smile when they see the final design and the logo design exceeds their original expectations.

How much should I pay for a logo design?

Loop are a well respected, specialist UK logo design agency based in London. We design logos for a number of different companies and try to create something really unique every time we take a project on. Honestly, we are not one of the “we design six logos for £4.99” companies that you’ll find in google search. A logo design project with Loop is never outsourced overseas and it’s worked on by UK professionals who have a very high level of quality and style. Our logo designs usually take us three full days in the design studio. If you’d like more information on prices, please get in touch with us today and we will share a pricing & information sheet.

What do I get from Loop if I commission a Logo design project?

Commissions always start in the same way, with a pencil and an idea. Over the years we’ve perfected a brilliant process allows our clients to collaborate in the creation process. We take on feedback throughout the ideation and design stages and provide final designs in a huge variety of formats for use in all channels. We guarantee you will receive a final logo design that you are extremely happy with and if we need to keep making tweaks until you’re happy then so be it!

What is the logo design process?

Step 1 – The Brief

The first step is to create a short brief together that captures all the business information and and references that relate to your new logo design

Step 2 – Concepts & Sketches

All designs start with an idea, a pencil and a piece of paper. Sketches give us freedom to cone up with ideas and designs in a rapid fashion. The shortlisted ideas are worked up a little and presented to the client for feedback.

Step 3 – Typography

Your logo typeface that accompanies your icon design is really important. We pay as much attention to the typeface design as we do the iconography, everything has to work together beautifully.

Step 4 – Black & White design

In the early rounds of design we tend to keep the designs we present to our clients in black and white. The aim is to concentrate on form and shape of the design, and not be distracted by colour, which will be added in the next stage. Your logo will appear in different channels, at a variety of different sizes and it’s important your design has as much clarity in its design as possible.

Step 5 – Colour

This is when we break open the felt-tip pens! We’ll help to define your core brand colors and any associated complimentary colors that will be used across any other marketing assets.

Step 6 – Finalising the logo

Finishing anything well always requires tiny tweaks. At this stage we make small adjustments to ensure the logo is 100% finished and ready for supply. We supply the final logo design files in a variety of different formats for use in print and digital channels.

You can read the full Loop logo design process in more detail by clicking here.

How long does a logo design take?

Typically a logo design from Loop will take 3-5 days in the design studio. Taking into consideration feedback and reviews it’s typically a 2 weeks process.

In Summary

Here at Loop, we are in the business of creating logo designs that you and your clients will love. There’s a reason that almost all our logo design projects continue on into website, marketing collateral and an ongoing partnership, because we care passionately about building your brand as your company evolves.

If you’d like to know more about our logo design, just contact us today.