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June 18, 2018

MumChat logo and website design

On many occasions, Loop are commissioned for a logo design and we help with the brand research, copy and content the project turns into website design. MumChat is a brand that had to talk to modern, internet connected mothers with a strong brand and website with multi-room chat facility. We worked really close with our client to help create something the team (and client) are really happy with.


The initial logo design has to be super simple and appeal to the widest audience possible. We opted for a super clean typeface with a universal & stylised speech bubble to convery this idea of conversation. The typography was hand created to ensure it was as original as possible. For the website design, we opted for a small selection of colours, mixed with some striking photography. The imagery needed to convey the strength and confidence that comes with being a mother!

  • Strategy

    Brand Research

  • Design

    Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development

  • Client

    MumChat Ltd

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