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In December 2019, Loop won a commission to create a new identity and website for St Georges Hospital London. Funded by the European and Developing Clinical Trials Partnership and sponsored by St George’s, University of London, the PREPARE study aims to define and reduce the burden of neonatal, infant and maternal GBS in a Sub-Saharan African population. Loop were asked to revisit an existing identity, create a new website with a secure portal for clinics to post results.

  • St George's Hospital
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  • March, 2020
'We love the designs, thank you!'

– Rakan Musleh / Project Lead

The project was something Loop are really proud to be involved with andh elping infants and pregnant mums in Africa is certainly a great cause. For the project we revisited a logo concept supplied by St George’s and made lots of improvements to its execution, just to ensure it was as slick as possible.

For the Prepare Study we worked closely with the team at St George’s over a number of meetings to plan and design all of the content that would site with a new website using the WordPress CMS. Full onsite training was given to team so all future content updates can be easily done in-house. We also built a secure registration and information Portal that allows user registrations to be centrally managed and content to be restricted based on their permission levels.

Finally we worked with a local photographer working in Uganda to produce a set of brilliant photography. Loop created a set of mood boards and art direction for the photographer to follow and retouched all of the selects that came back. We’re really happy with the final result and it was a pleasure to be involved.

The final Logo concept incorporated an African map outline and a drawing of the audience for the clinical study. We refined all the line work and gradients many times until we achieved a result the entire project team was happy with.

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