Great logos, ones that are original, fresh and memorable should take lots of studio time, blood, sweat (and a few tears) to create. Working on this new identity took a lot of design effort with over 30 different logo creations to arrive at the final point.

The first thing we do as designers is look at all the other obvious design directions that you might go, look at what’s been done before and concept ideas in sketchbooks before we start designing. Research is key to ensure the direction you’re going in is the right one.

We include all of the drawings, sketches and ideas in our presentations to client. The chosen design was a side-study based on this idea of the human brain using our symbols that we’d left in as reference. Everyone sees the world around them differently so we’ve learnt after doing lots of projects to show the journey of how you arrive at the final design as something might actually appeal to our client that we’ve missed. A great logo design is not just the responsibility of the chosen design team, the client has a key role to play in the process.

Happy with the final result, website now in progress….

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