So we started on the drawing board looking at super strong typefaces, ones that would stand out on the side of vehicles and workmen’s uniforms. We had to be very careful with the ‘flames’ so it’s always good to get them out of your system and then evolve. We decided upon a lowercase typeface, (friendly, approachable) and then we built a custom design that was formed from single ‘pipes’ and circles.  We summarised the first round and all through there some good starting points, with elements we liked, they just weren’t strong enough. So we got back to work, working again from sketches and ideas all based around pipes serving gas. With enough experimentation we knew we’d find something super interesting so we got to work…

And then, as expected, something happened and we found a design that could really work. The typeface wasn’t right but the interplay between the shapes made for something quite fresh that we knew the client would like.

We combined the original typeface with our new pipework and we had it. The final logo.

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