Is Logo Design Hard?

I’m asked this question regularly by my kids and friends. My answer is almost always the same – good logo design is easy, great logo design is hard. Every great piece of work has a strong idea and concept behind it. An idea that talks either about the business or visually brings to life what the commissioning client is trying to convey. Great logo design, isn’t just a design that ‘looks nice’ it has to have meaning.

Here we Loop we live and breathe identity design. We have an active interest outside of live client briefs in the world of design and communications and the work that we see and experiment with, usually makes it’s way into live commissioned work or used as reference for concepts.

In 2019 we are now seeing lots of automatic logo design websites, websites that say they’ll create you something original from a stock library of templates all for £10. That’s fine if you want a £10 logo to represent your shiny new business, but if you really care about your new company, it really deserves spending time to create a unique piece of art that makes you, the client, proud to put it on the front of your website and business cards.

The hardest (and best part) of the logo design process is the starting from a blank sheet of paper. There are so many directions that the ideas and designs can go, just actually starting and putting something down on paper is always the challenge. I’m continually told by wife that I’m always grumpy at the beginning of a new commission, the reason being I genuinely can’t think of anything else until I’ve cracked the concept. Late nights, sketches all over the studio and regular walks to clear the head are all part of the process.

Is Logo design hard? Yes, it’s painful and I love it.


Stuart Mckenna is the founder at Loop.