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Are Websites starting to look all the same?

Over the past few years, articles and blog...

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Loop awarded new St George's Hospital Project

Very excited to announce that Loop have been...

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Vonage, logo design and B2B rebrand

Who said B2B Identity design had to be...

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Beats by Dre Design - Camo Collection

I saw this new Beats by Dre design...

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New Facebook Logo Redesign

So Facebook have rebranded again. This time they've...

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The Loop logo design process

We thought it would be useful if we...

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Logo Design Archives

We produce a huge amount of different logos...

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Personal Projects

We had a little fun in the studio...

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Work Hard & Be Nice

Love these prints from We’ve just ordered some new...

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The importance of using Logo Professionals

If you've ever wondered how logos get made,...

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adidas running posters

Adidas “Runners, Yeah We’re Different” Ads In 1999...

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Nike Flyknit - Typography

Beautiful new custom type to launch the new...

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3D-printed sculptures

Love this ! Scribbles stuck on the fridge...

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Ellie - Her first print

My little 4yr old girl Ellie, drew her...

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The Beautiful Truth

Paid another visit to a smoking clinic last...

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