Facebook News Feed Changes

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differentkindsofnewsfeedSeven years ago, Facebook introduced its News Feed. Since then, the feature has gone relatively unchanged.

It’s one giant stream of your friends’ updates, from music they’re listening to articles they’re reading, to pictures they’re sharing.

Tomorrow, that’s going to change.

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Lynx Apollo to send someone into space!

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According to Buzz Aldrin in this video, Unilever’s Axe / Lynx brand are to send someone into space as part of the promotion for their latest scent,Apollo. Participants can register at the Axe Apollo websites, where visitors can vote for who to send.

I can’t believe that got the client to sign off the budget – but fair play to the agency who came up with the idea.

What’s next? Time travel?


How Brands should respond Socially

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Brillant response form the Bodyform team to a post on their facebook page.
Brands take notice, craft a smart response that get people talking and help drive brand engagement.
Very Good.

Hi Richard. We loved your post on our Facebook page. ( We are always grateful for input from our users, but your comment was particularly poignant. If Facebook had a “love” button, we’d have clicked it. But it doesn’t. So we’ve made you a video instead. Unfortunately Bodyform doesn’t have a CEO. But if it did she’d be called Caroline Williams. And she’d say this.

Do let us know if we can help you further…